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isaw Comprehensive Blood Test Strips Bundle: Cholesterol | Glucose | Hemoglobin | Uric Acid

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isaw Comprehensive Blood Test Strips Bundle: Cholesterol | Glucose | Hemoglobin | Uric Acid Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product Description:

The Isaw Blood Test Strips Bundle is a comprehensive, all-inclusive kit tailored to provide seamless and efficient health monitoring from the comfort of your home. Designed for the isaw® Multi-Monitoring System, this 4-IN-1 bundle offers everything you need to kick-start your health assessment journey, making routine testing more convenient and efficient.


1.4-IN-1 Comprehensive Testing: Specifically designed to measure Total Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Hemoglobin, and Uric Acid levels.

2. High Precision and Reliability: Each test strip is meticulously crafted for accuracy and consistency.

Integrated with isaw® Multi-Monitoring System: Optimized for use with the isaw system, ensuring hassle-free integration and ease of use.

3. Quick Results: Get your results in real-time with clear, easily understandable metrics.

4. CE Approval: This bundle has received the CE mark, indicating compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for sale within the European Economic Area.

5. Registered with Medical Device Authority Malaysia: Ensures the product's credibility and reliability for users in Malaysia with Registration No. IVDC7907121-64976.

Package Contents:

-Total Cholesterol Test Strips: 25 count

-Blood Glucose Test Strips: 50 count

-Hemoglobin Test Strips: 50 count

-Uric Acid Test Strips: 25 count

-User Manual

Measurement Units:

-Total Cholesterol: MMOL

-Blood Glucose: MMOL

-Hemoglobin: G/DL

-Uric Acid: mg/dl

Usage Instructions:

Choose the desired test strip and insert it into the designated slot in the isaw® Multi-Monitoring System.

Follow on-screen prompts and instructions for the sample application.

Obtain and interpret your results as displayed on the system.

Storage & Care:

Keep the test strips in their original packaging, store them in a cool and dry place, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Ensure packs remain sealed until ready for use.

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